UK Roundabouts Ltd
Local Authority Options

The way each local authority landscape sponsorship scheme works varies from council to council. UK Roundabouts is flexible and will work with local authorities in the way they choose.

In many cases, the local authority continues to maintain and enhance the locations. UK Roundabouts then identifies sponsors, manages the partnership between sponsor and council by making and installing sponsorship signs and ensuring that both sponsor and council are satisfied with the arrangement

In other cases, the local authority
passes responsibility for
maintenance and enhancement,
as well as sponsorship management,
to UK Roundabouts. In these
situations, we employ local, council
approved, landscaping subcontractors
to carry out the enhancement and
maintenance works.

Whatever the method of operation
required by the local authority, revenue
is produced by the sponsorship scheme,
either directly or indirectly and used to
enhance the environment for the benefit
of all.

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